This page is sadly devoid of content!! I have no photos and very little music from a band that, arguably, presented my very best work. Originally formed when I first left the Roach Twins, the band featured some great musicians including Gary 'Mr Noisy' Short and Mr P-Funkin' Pete (both on Bass)… Mojo Evans on Guitar... Alison 'the Mighty' Diamond on Tenor Sax ... ex Roach Twins John 'the Professor' Snelson on assorted wind … Brian 'Railroad Sam' Tyldesley on Chromatic Harmonica  … and, of course, the ubiquitous Big Vern on Drums

The band were an extremely busy live band …. and in one year did over 250 gigs!! …. What happened to the money!!! …. We played the opening night at Manchester's iconic Roadhouse venue... and one year at Colne festival, we were so popular that we had to play a double show at one venue, in order to cater for the people who couldn't get in for the first gig!!

As a result, our recorded output was sparse. We did record a studio album …. but it was recorded in haste, and certainly didn't reflect what the band was all about. I am in possession of some cassettes (courtesy of Big Vern) from various gigs, and of varying quality … I am currently editing these with a view to putting the best on here …. but if anyone out there has any recordings, pictures or memorabilia of what was a great band, I would love to hear from you!!