Dinners and the Dog was initially a recording project … an acoustic album with a bunch of original songs, showcasing the talents of harmonica player vocalist, Luke 'Junkhouse Dog' Shaw, and my own acoustic guitar playing and singing.

The album was recorded over a couple of months … Luke recording his parts in Manchester, while I stayed in Scotland where I recorded my parts and mixed the album … After many late night phone calls the album was finished... and with some great cover art by Mary Johnstone was released!!

The Junkhouse Dog Blues Band was doing well, and Blue Swamp were still 'on the road', so Dinners and the Dog was never intended to play live … but we were unable to resist an invitation from Laurent Macimba to play at the Beauvais Blues Festival in France . We enhanced the sound with the addition of Big Vern on Percussion …. the same year we also played at Colne Blues Festival …. We have no plans to play more gigs with this line up, but are always open to the right offers!!

The Dinners and the Dog album is available from the store page of this site... both as a download and as a physical cd!!