Dr Truth

Dr Truth was the brainchild of Chris Roach and keyboard player/producer, Paul Ashton … a blues band with jazz, funk and soul leanings … Roach Twins drummer Rick Lacey, and American jazz bassist Dave Luvin were a great rhythm section, and I joined on words and warbling!!

Many good quality gigs followed, including great performances at Colne and Morecambe blues festivals and we made a great album 'Code for the Road'The sound was enhanced on the recordings by superb backing vocalists, led by the wonderful Aileen Waugh …. The package was completed with great artwork from Jay Hurst. (apparently the man in the clouds is supposed to be me!! I remain flattered!!).. Unfortunately there are never enough hours in a day, and we all had other commitments. I was eventually forced to leave due to my commitments with John Williamson... but it remains a happy period in my life.

Dr Truth still carry on to this day... but with a very different line up. 

The album 'Code for the Road is available for download on the store pages of this site