the Roach Twins

the greatest purveyors of mayhem, madness, sibling rivalry and hard hitting blues ever to emerge from the Irwell Delta!!

Revolving around the talents of Tony and Chris Roach … identical twins, and both lead guitarists …. the Roach Twins were already establishing themselves as an instrumental blues band, when I joined them in the late 80's as vocalist and wordsmith.

Over the next few years the Roach Twins became one of the hardest working bands on the North West blues scene …. Original songs, a powerful, raw rock/blues sound, an 'in your face' stage show …. all this, and blues bagpipes as well!!

I left the band for a few years, and my job was taken over by the great Franny Eubanks..... I rejoined at the turn of the century, and with a slightly changed line up we recorded a critically acclaimed album for Blues Matters..... 'Got a New Job', which featured the hit single we never had.... 'Give us a Doner'

The Roach Twins back catalogue is available to buy as a download from the store page on this site

What!!! …. Don't they have any Hollands Pies?”

— Tony Roach... on being offered Moules Marinieres at Beauvais Blues Festival in France

The band sound great, but the singer looks like an out of work plumber!!”

— A well known UK blues/rock promoter